Who we are

Fast-growing, professional English-speaking team, Callensys is a new start-up BPO related company, based in Romania, ready to provide the best results for your company’s needs.

Each senior member of our team has previous experience in Customer Care Interaction, Customer Support, Sales, Front Office, or Back Office, all united by the same motto that Callensys was built upon:

“Providing Services With Utmost Care”


With a vast portfolio of skills acquired in their personal experience, Callensys’ team would be the answer for every brand’s biggest fear: Customer Management. We are ready to take on any challenge while building with you best practices for a successful relationship between your brand and your customers. Able to provide high-standard services and full-circle feedback to improve your relationship with your clients and to ensure continuous adaptation to an ever-changing environment

Our team includes people with previous corporate experience in management positions. We are able to provide a vast array of services like team management on B2B relationships including any other Call Center Services in English.

Callensys’ success is due to the transparency and simplicity of communication with those who are interested in working with us.

We learn and adapt to the present market, the dynamics of the internet environment, and the communications business because everyone’s advantage is the actual profit. We have few long-term plans and instead concentrate on the here and now, on service quality, and on seeing clients as genuine individuals with real needs, just like any of us. In the end, it’s all about the consumer’s needs.

If your brand’s priority is to provide high-standard customer services, then hit us up with the challenges you are facing.

We would love to take on that challenge!


Is to stay positive and to provide only the best possible services with utmost care.


Callensys’ permanent goal is to make it easier for individuals to communicate. Our precious customers always engage our attention, and we endeavor to meet and exceed their expectations. We strive to keep customers in touch regardless of their location while focusing on client satisfaction.

We strive to be one of the top market leaders, serving clients from all corners of the globe in all major global languages. We will achieve our vision by staying true to our basic beliefs.


We are who we are because of our values! These beliefs influence our job, ambitions, and desires. We value the unique characteristics of each race and recognize that our culture shapes who we are, thus it should never be overlooked.

We also understand that doing good and maintaining a cheerful attitude are always the best approaches to any endeavor. In all of our struggles, we must remain fair and transparent, and business is no exception.

We are open and like to keep a healthy dosage of flexibility and innovation, which allows us to offer our customers dependable solutions.