Back-Office activities usually involve written customer support and office tasks such as processing emails, letters, and faxes. Complex activities such as payroll accounting, ticketing, data processing, and order processing are also part of the back office.

Callensys enables businesses to outsource a variety of daily, repetitive chores. Clients typically realize an improvement in personnel retention, improved scalability, and accuracy, as well as considerable cost savings, by outsourcing back-office activities. We process, modify and move massive volumes of data in a variety of formats rapidly and accurately.

Employees who work in the back office do not have direct customer contact, but they are in close contact with the front office staff. Good communication between back office and front office employees is critical to a smooth operation.

Some of the Back-Office activities that we can perform are:

  • Record Maintenance
  • Data Entry
  • Data Verification
  • Data Management
  • Account Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Form Submission and Analysis

  • Transcription Services
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Onboarding

Here are a few reasons why Back-Office is essential:

  • They handle all operational tasks, organize important information, and are tasked with practical aspects such as accounts payable, payroll, and other functions that help maintain a healthy workflow without interruptions.
  • Back-office employees focus on activities that take more time and give front-office employees the information they need to work efficiently. Staying ahead of the workload allows front office staff to be proactive and improve their overall performance.
  • Important information is managed, organized, and secured in one place. Dealing with large amounts of data can be overwhelming; back-office staff are well trained and focused on the day-to-day processing of data, which creates efficiencies within an organization.
  • Scaling your team can sometimes be difficult and costly. Outsourcing a back-office team keeps costs down while still providing quality services with talented and motivated professionals.
  • Managing a business is no easy task, regardless of the size of the company. Juggling data and other time-consuming tasks while trying to sell and onboard clients can be overwhelming. Having a trustworthy and talented team to handle these tasks is beneficial to growing businesses’ capabilities. It will improve the performance of front office staff and help them focus on their core business.