As the name implies, inbound call centers mainly handle incoming phone calls from customers and potential customers. Because of the nature of these calls, this type of call center tends to be more customer-focused.

Callensys focuses on answering questions and resolving customer concerns. We also deal with complaints from customers. Since an inbound call center is the only contact many customers will ever have with your company, it is imperative that these representatives are polite, helpful, and familiar with company policies, traits that are embedded in our core values.

We have extensive expertise offering professional and cost-effective inbound services for businesses looking to actively engage with potential or existing customers, gain valuable product and service insights, and increase revenue and retention.

Here are some services that Callensys can provide:

  • Product and/or Tech Support
    • Change passwords, update account information, respond to complaints. Inbound call center agents help customers resolve a variety of issues. For issues like advanced technical support, agents can use a help desk tool to direct customers to specialists at IT.
  • Payment and order processing
    • Although online ordering is incredibly popular, many customers still order by phone. Inbound call agents can help customers complete their purchases over the phone. Likewise, customers can contact a company to ask questions about their billing or resolve online payment issues.
  • Upgrade and renewal inquiries
    • Subscription-based businesses such as subscription boxes or SaaS companies may receive calls from customers looking to upgrade their current plan. In this case, inbound call agents should be trained to either update the customer’s rates themselves or transfer the call to a sales representative who can handle the rate extension.
  • Telesales
    • While telemarketers are tasked with connecting with prospects in any way possible (brand awareness, leads, or appointment setting), telesales focuses exclusively on closing deals over the phone. Telesales agents follow up on promising leads in hopes of increasing conversion rates and driving sales.