Social Media Service is customer service for social channels. The principle is comparable to an inbound call center: Customers (or partners) get in touch via a social media channel to receive information or solutions to their problems.

To make social media customer service viable, you need to keep an eye on messages, comments, and group discussions.

Because you never know when someone will feel like telling the digital world how unhappy they are with your product.

Of course, when something like this happens, you should act immediately!

You can integrate a live chat into any popular messaging platform. This way, you’ll get direct messages sent through social media channels straight to the live chat inbox which can be outsourced to customer support specialists like us, where we would be able to offer a resolution for every particular scenario that requires immediate assistance.

Social Media Customer Service Benefits

  • Pros of having this service
    • Integration with live chat apps
    • Product community groups
    • Customer-to-customer help
  • Cons of not having this service
    • Public negative reviews and comments
    • Customers may expect immediate replies, which can be provided faster on social media
    • The need to outshine the competition is easier to be done via social media platforms

By allowing Callensys to handle customer complaints and concerns on social media, you’ll show other customers how dedicated you are to keeping them satisfied. There are many ways to use social media for customer service, such as including hashtags strategically and setting up a separate handle for customer service support.